Space Invaders

Adaptation of the classic 1978 Taito Space Invaders.

Created by Edgar Gómez for learning and testing purposes.

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How to Play

Avoid enemy bullets and shoot them down before they get to you or the galaxy will be lost. On each wave enemies will be more agressive. 

Play many times trying to beat your record or friends record.

Move with A&D and shoot with W.

There are 3 different pickups: 

  • Missiles: you can shoot 2 missiles with a high destruction power
  • Health restoration: if you've been damaged your ship will be repaired
  • Shield: a protection shield that will take up to 3 bullets for you

At waves 3 and 5 new enemy types will be spawned... You can't beat them all.

Sprites used in game are from

 Sound used in game are from

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