This is a modern version of the 1973 Atari classic: Space Race.

This game requires two players. 

Player 1 (on the left) controls their ship with the W and S keys, while Player 2 (on the right) uses the UP and DOWN arrow keys. 

The objective is to navigate through the screen as many times as possible without being struck by other objects. The player with the highest score, when the time is up, wins.

You can choose between different ship designs. Change difficulty level and play time to make every game longer or shorter!

This practice game was created by Edgar Gómez. For more information, visit

Music from 

Ship and objects assets from

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I flew off the bottom of the map.

You can make the star particles fade in and out so they don't disappear and reappear instantly.

Hey! Thanks for your feedback.

I was thinking about flying away in the bottom of the screen as a bug or possible problem but… if the player want to do that, why not? The other player will win!

I’ll take a look at the star particles to improve them as you metion.

Thanks for playing!


What memories! I have played with my brother and we have been very itchy. I need a new one to play alone, hahaha.

hahaha glad you liked it! thanks for playing :D